Managing and Leading Self


As a first step to a leadership development journey “Lead and Manage Self” blends itself for reflection and self-analysis. A corner stone will be the personality instrument used as a red-thread for any training or coaching session. It may contain all or a few of these topics:


Increasing self-awareness: Understanding self and others

Grasping the nature of relationships and human exchange

Reflection on positional and personal power

The paradoxes of leadership



Certification and tools supporting
Managing and Leading Self


  • MBTI® Step II,
  • Insights®,
  • FIRO® B,
  • LIFO®,
  • Hogan® Suites,
  • DISC®,
  • Hermann Brain Dominance Index®
  • Strength Finder®
  • MPA® (Motivation Potential Analysis)
  • LPE® (Leadership Potential Evaluation)


360° Tools

  • Management Research Group (MRG) LEA
  • Booth Task Cycle® 360° feedback
  • Challenge Learning Leadership Indicator© 360° tool