Executive and individual coaching


You may decide to offer your employees ad-hoc coaching support to prepare them for the future challenges in their career development. You may wish to develop a values based Leadership in your organization and offer a coaching program to shape the culture you wish for. Or you may also simply choose to provide hands-on support to individual contributors or Team leaders when needed.


Coaching needs to meet a business need or a personal development need. The clearer the purpose the more effective it will be.


Business and Executive Coaching :


To help define goals, clarify the vision, and conceive a strategy to achieve them.


We partner with clients (executive or executive teams) in the process to identify workable strategies and expand their horizon of possibilities. We act as a sounding board and when needed, hold the mirror or highlight business and personal blind spots.


We ensure leaders stay focused on their goal and ambition, fostering engagement and participation to make the utmost of the resources and talents embedded in their team and organization.


Individual and Team coaching:


To prepare for the future and deal with challenges. Hands-on support to individuals or teams when needed.


Coaching must meet both a business and a personal development need. Individual coaching is a support process to identify your true life and career desires, address limiting beliefs, and gain the confidence to achieve your goals. This journey involves exploration of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to become accountable for making changes by taking action.


Team coaching can be a one-off, or a multi-step process aimed at addressing issues that get in the way of the team’s effectiveness and defining collective norms to ensure performance.


We have a variety of ICF certified Challenge Learning Coaches, who operate in a range of languages:


360° feedback restitution (working with your 360° or offering tailored 360°)

Executive coaching and soundboarding

Agile, peer-group, and executive coaching / soundboarding

Strategic coaching: identifying needs before they become problems

Coaching package integrated in Leadership development programs


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