Managing and Leading Across Cultures


Culture always assume its own superiority! We offer a framework providing lenses for understanding the classic cross cultural differences impacting the work environment. Clients may prefer to emphasize cultural adaptability and cultural awareness: developing the strengths and qualities to operate in a global environment. When clients want culture specific training, we bring experts from the respective countries.


A framework to understand differences between cultures

Develop an ability to recognize, respect and reconcile differences

Communication in a second language, what to watch out for

Principles of corporate culture and its adaptation to a cultural environment: communication, decision making, relationship to hierarchy, application of processes, ethics

Certification and tools supporting
Managing and Leading Across Cultures


  • IRC® (intercultural readiness check),
  • Cultural Active® (Lewis model),
  • Cultural Navigator® (Thunderbird)
  • Harvard cross culture simulations©
  • Intercultural Preference Tool® (IPT)