Managing and Leading your Organization’s Effectiveness

The leadership development journey does require the awareness and tools to influence outside your area of direct control. It is all about influence and impact. On some occasions, it may call for questioning, analyzing, rethinking and updating some of your operational paradigms to drive performance and deliver results.


Mapping stakeholders and conceiving strategies for influencing them

Managing up and managing across

Project-management for Leaders and Team members

Process improvement

Agile management

Anticipating and closing the generation gap

Knowledge management

Our German office uses the following methods

We use the following tools and approaches:


  • Stakeholder mapping.
  • Assessing your network.
  • Managing up and across.
  • Morten Hansen T shape leadership on collaboration
  • Lean management methodologies and OPEX (TPM)
  • Loomeo Knowledge Management System
  • Age Structure Tools