Managing and Leading Innovation/Disruption


Willing to innovate is a mindset. Spotting disruptions must be a constant quest. Willing to ponder the kind of environment which fosters innovation in your organization is crucial. Questioning the “old” and willing to explore the “new” will be the only way to survive.

This topic definitely relies on all the other topics we touched upon!


Inspire fresh thinking

Provide techniques and tools beyond brainstorming to cross-fertilize ideas

Help understanding of how we can use different thinking styles for idea creation and obtain support for the implementation

Explore global trends and develop potential own business applications

Accelerating the speed of change and become future proof

Tools and Formats supporting Innovation & Disruption


  • Business Model Canvas
  • Empathy Map
  • Design Thinking
  • Hackathons


Regular Participation to world-class events receiving expert insights to Managing and Leading Innovation/Disruption

  • Scrum-Master
  • Agile-Coach
  • Product-Owner


Lorange Institute of Business · Zurich – A member of CEIBS Group (May 2016 / October 2016)

  • “Creativity & Innovation Management”
  • “Transformational Leadership in a new Era”


MIT /IMD · Boston/Lausanne – Private University Cambridge, Massachusetts · (September 2016)

  • “Driving Strategic Innovation”


Trend Watching · Amsterdam – Consultancy on new consumer trends and innovation opportunities (November 2016)

  • “Trendwachting LIVE event, game-changing trends 2017 and beyond”


Swiss Leadership Forum · Zurich (November 2016)

  • LEADERSHIP 4.0 – Lead in a digital world”


The Economist Innovation Summit · Berlin (June 2017)

  • “Innovation Summit Europe”