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The dilemma of choosing a self-assessment instrument (part 2)

The dilemma of choosing an assessment instrument (part 2) – by Nanette Orsini and Beate Vetter – Challenge Learning France and Switzerland (, ) In part 1 of our series of articles on assessment tools was referring to those generally known as personality instruments which are frequently used in leadership Development Programs or in Team Workshop […]

Lunch and Learn

INTRODUCTION Challenge Learning’s new Lunch & Learn series offers bite-sized corporate education modules designed to foster continuous organizational learning and stimulating employee engagement. The idea being to deliver these modules at midday to allow participation from other time zones, potentially followed by a lunch/breakfast, during which employees will have the time to absorb the topics […]

Want to generate new ideas?

by Beate Vetter and Nanette Orsini – Challenge Learning Switzerland and France ( and ) Our # 1 …..still valid for any Innovator to start with: Although already written in 1997, the lessons of The Innovator’s Dilemma are more valid than ever. Clayton Christensen takes a look at why large, once successful companies fail and […]

The dilemma of choosing a self-assessment instrument (part 1)

Challenge Learning uses many self-assessments, or psychometric tools, for which certifications have been acquired throughout the last 25 years. To provide meaning to any of those tools, the theory and model framing the instrument must be presented to the audience; this is where their richness lies. We recommend to clients to stick to the one […]